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5th article - Rakotoarimanana Jean Maurice Article 05(CA...

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Rakotoarimanana Jean Maurice Article 05 (CA Boosts Cloud Authentication Service) There many different issues organization need to consider when deciding to choose could- computing. Cloud computing puts your data outside of your organization. Also when you use a cloud computing service, you are limiting yourself to the amount of advanced security tools that you can put on the system. You cannot limit the access to only internal staff. There are many other security tools that cannot be put in place in cloud environments, unless the cloud environment is specifically designed for them. There are also other issues to consider. You have little control over how much audit information is collected. For example, you likely do not have access to failed log-in attempts, so you cannot proactively look for attack reconnaissance. Likewise, while you may maintain ownership of your own data, you do not likely own all of the access log data. That potentially creates legal problems. For
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