computer crime - Making Computer Crime Sexy Our Science of...

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1 Making Computer Crime Sexy Our Science of Hollywood columnist looks at cybercrime in the movies and in real life Photo: Warner Bros. Entertainment In "Firewall," Harrison Ford made security engineers into heroes. BY DAVID KUSHNER // OCTOBER 2006 Last spring, the teachers, students, and workers at the University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union received an email that seemed routine enough: Because of a problem in the electronic banking system, customers needed to verify their account information. After clicking a link, they were taken to a page with the bank’s logo where they were instructed to enter their personal identification numbers. Unbeknownst to the 20 victims, however, their financial details were not going back to the campus, they were zipping to South Korea, where they would be used to create pirate debit cards. The only hint of a scam was tucked away in the site’s Web address, which read ”http” instead of the usual ”https,” designating a secure site. The Wildcats had just been phished . And they’re not alone. Phishing, social and technical engineering aimed at hustling surfers’ personal data, is an insidious form of identity theft that’s on the rise. According to a report by IBM, phishing attacks hit an all-time high,
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2 rising by 226 percent in 2005. The Federal Trade Commission receives nearly 200 000 reports of phishing attacks every year. The phishers feed a larger epidemic of identity theft that is reaching epic proportions. The FTC found that, every year, almost 10 million people are victims of identity theft, costing consumers US $5 billion and businesses $48 billion. But there’s one place where the rise in computer crimes is paying off: Hollywood. In the 21st century,
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computer crime - Making Computer Crime Sexy Our Science of...

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