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Outline Ch-2 Security fundamental IP (Intellectual property): The ownership of ideas and control over the tangible or virtual representation of those ideas. Software piracy : The most common IP breach is the unlawful us or duplication of software- based intellectual property, more commonly known as software piracy. Deliberate Acts of Trespass : are a well-known and broad category of electronic and human activities that can breach the confidentiality of information. When unauthorized individual gains access to the information an organization is trying to protect, that act is categorized as a deliberate act of trespass. Shoulder surfing: This technique is used in public or semipublic settings when individuals gather information they are not authorized to have by looking over another individual’s shoulder or viewing the information from a distance. Sript kiddies or packet monkeys : hackers of limited skill who use expertly written software to attack a system. Cracker : An individual who cracks or removes software protection that is designed to prevent unauthorized duplication. With the removal of the copyright protection, the software can be easily distributed and installed. Phreaker : Hacks the public telephone network to make free calls or disrupt services . Extortion: Information extortion occurs an attacker or trusted insider steals information from a computer system and demands compensation for its return, or for an agreement not to disclose the information . Extortion is common in credit card number theft. Deliberate Acts of Sabotage or Vandalism : This category of threat involves the deliberate sabotage of a computer system or business, or acts of vandalism to either destroy an asset or damage the image of an organization. Hacktivist or cyberactivist
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Outline Ch2 - Outline Ch-2 Security fundamental IP...

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