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Outline Chaper3 LAWS : Rules that mandate or prohibit certain behavior in society, they are drawn from ethics , which define socially acceptable behaviors. The key difference between laws and ethics is that laws carry the sanctions of a governing authority and ethics do not. Ethics in turn are based on cultural mores : the fixed moral attitude or customs of a particular group. 89 Liability The legal obligation of an entity that extends beyond criminal or contract law, it includes the legal obligation to make restitution , or to compensate for wrongs committed by an organization or its employees. 89 Due care Due care has been taken when an organization makes sure that every employee knows what is acceptable or unacceptable behavior, and knows the consequences of illegal or unethical actions. 89 Due diligence Due diligence requires that an organization make a valid effort to protect others and continually maintain this level of effort. 89 Jurisdiction The court’s right to hear a case if the wrong was committed in its territory or involving its citizenry. This is sometimes referred to as long arm jurisdiction - the long arm of the law reaching across the country or around the world to pull an accused individual into its court systems. 89 Policy Policy: A body expectations that describe acceptable and unacceptable employee behaviors in the workplace function as organizational laws, complete with penalties, judicial practices, and sanctions to require compliance. 89 Civil Law Civil law represents a wide variety of laws that govern a nation or state and deal with the relationships and conflicts between organizational entities and people. 90
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Outline Chaper3 - Outline Chaper3 LAWS Liability Due care...

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