Outline Chapter 4 - Outline Chapter 4 Competitive Advantage...

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Outline Chapter 4 Competitive Advantage Establishing a competitive business model, method or technique allowed an organization to provide a product or service that was superior and created a competitive advantage P- 116 Competitive Disadvantage The need to avoid falling behind the competition P- 116 Risk Management Is the process of identifying vulnerabilities in an organization’s information system and taking carefully reasoned steps to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all components in the organization’s information system. Risk management requires two major undertakings: risk identification and risk control P- 117 Risk identification Is the process of examining and documenting the security posture of an organization’s information technology and the risk it faces. P- 117 Risk Control Is the process of applying controls to reduce the risks to an organization’s data and information systems. P- 117 General Sun Tzu Wu Know the enemy and know yourself P- 118 Know yourself The security, education and training programs, and technology that protect information must be carefully maintained and administered to ensure that they are still effective P- 118 Roles of the Communities of Interest P- 118 Risk indentification P- 118 Asset Identification, Valuation, and Prioritization Software components are assigned to one of three categories: applications, operating systems, or security components… Hardware is assigned to one of two categories: the usual system devices and their peripherals, and the devices that are part of information security control systems. Since networking subsystems are often the focal point of
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Outline Chapter 4 - Outline Chapter 4 Competitive Advantage...

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