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Outline chapter-9 Information security Encompasses the protection of both data and physical assets 401 Physical security An aspect of information security that addresses the design, implementation, and maintenance of countermeasure that protect the physical resources of an organization. It includes the physical protection of people, hardware, and the supporting system elements and resources that control of information in all its states (transmission, storage, and processing). 401 A deliberate act of espionage Or trespass could be a competitor sneaking into a facility with a camera 401 Deliberate acts of sabotage Or vandalism can be physical attacks on individuals or property. Deliberate acts of theft Include employees stealing computer equipment, credentials, passwords, and laptops. Seven major Sources of Physical Loss Implementation of physical security measures requires sound organizational policy. Physical policies guides users on the appropriate use of computing resources and information assets, as well as on the protection of their own personal safety in day-to-day operations. General management Is responsible for the security of the facility in which the organization is housed and the policies and standards for secure operation. This includes exterior security, fire protection, and building access, as well as other controls such as guard dogs and door locks. 401- 402 IT management and professionals Are responsible for environmental and access security in technology equipment locations and for the policies and standards for secure equipment operation. This includes access to server rooms, power conditioning and server room temperature and humidity controls, as well as more specialized controls like static and dust contamination controls Information security manangement And professionals are responsible for risk assessment and implementation reviews for the physical security controls implemented by the other two groups Facilities management Group who control access to a building 402 Secure facility Is a physical location that has in place controls to minimize the risk of attacks from physical threats. 402 Physical Access controls 402 Walls, Fencing, and Gates Some of the oldest and most reliable methods of providing physical security are walls, fencing, and gates. While not every organization needs to implement external perimeter controls, walls and fences with suitable constructed gates are an essential starting point for organization whose employees require access to the real estate the organization owns or controls. 403 Guards Have the ability to apply human reasoning. Guard can evaluate each situation as it arises and make reasoned responses. Most guard have clear standard operating procedures (SOPs) that help them to act decisively in 403
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unfamiliar situations. General orders for guards
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Outline chapter 9 & 10 - Outline chapter-9...

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