Darwinism Recitation Paper Week 5

Darwinism Recitation Paper Week 5 - through domestication....

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Andra Stanley Darwin pg. 87-135 Recitation: Tues. 3-3:50 February 14, 2006 In A Historical Sketch of the Progress of Opnion on the Origin of Species, previously to the Publication of this Work (1861), Charles Darwin outlined the works of Lamarck, Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Dr. W.C. Wells, Hon. and Rev. W. Herbert, Professor Grant, Patrick, Matthew, Von Buch, Rafinesque, Prof. Haldeman, M. J. d’Omalius d’Halloy, Prof, Owen, Wallace, Dr. Freke, Herbert Spencer, M. Naudin, Count Keyserling, Dr. Schaaffhausen, M. Lecoq, Rev. Baden Powell, Von Baer, Prof. Huxley, and Dr. Hooker. In The Origin of Species (1859), Darwin outlined his concept of natural selection that began with his studies on the H.M.S. Beagle. This notion was very similar to the one presented by Mr. Wallace. The first chapter outlined different variations apparent
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Unformatted text preview: through domestication. It showed how a large amount of variation was possible within a species under domestication, and humans made the accumulation of characteristics even more pronounced. The second chapter spoke on the variations found in nature. The third chapter dealt with the Struggle for Existence. More individuals are born than can survive, so any variation that makes one being better at surviving is likely to be passed on to future generations. The fourth chapter explains Natural Selection, which causes the extinction of less improved forms of life and induced what Darwin labels ‘divergence of character.’ The fifth chapter deals with the laws of variation and the correlation of growth. The difficulties with Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection are laid out in chapter six....
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