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Outline chapter1 - Accuracy Information has accuracy when...

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Outline chapter1 Systems development life cycle (SDLC ) is a methodology for the design and implementation of an information system in an organization. Methodology: is a formal approach to solving a problem based on a structured sequence of procedures. Using methodology ensures a rigorous process and avoids missing those steps that can lead to compromising the end goal. Security is “the quality or state of being secure – to be free from danger”. In other words, protection against adversaries, from those who would do harm, intentionally or otherwise is the objective. CIA triangle: has been the industry standard for computer security since the development of the mainframe. It is based on the three characteristics of information that give it value for its use in organization: confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
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Unformatted text preview: Accuracy: Information has accuracy when it is free from mistakes or errors and it has the value than the end user expects. Authenticity: of information is the quality or state of being genuine or original, rather than a reproduction or fabrication. E-mail spoofing: the process of sending an e-mail message with a modified field, is a problem for many people today, because often the modified field is the address that the message is legitimate traffic. Phishing: which occurs when an attacker attempts to obtain personal of financial information using fraudulent means, most often by posing as another individual or organization. Eight Phase of System Development Life Cycle Feasibility Study, Requirement, General Systems Design, Detailed Systems Design, Development, Test, Implementation, LCM....
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