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project06 - CISE 200 Project 06 Guideline Research...

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CISE 200 Project 06 Guideline 1/23/2011 Research Technical Document Guideline 1. Research paper on Computer/Network Security or Identity Theft 2. Document will consist of the following: Title page (Research Topic, Class, Submitted by, date); No page number. Should include: Document Title, Student Name, Course Number, Semester, and Date Table of Contents page, Page designator is: (i); Should have main topics and page numbers with Leaders …………. in an outline format. Reference Page Four (4) pages of narrative (includes topic narrative, summary, and recommendations) Summary: should conclude all your main theme, key points, and/or position Recommendations: your recommendations (based on your research findings) for protecting IS/IT assets and/or your personal information You can use pertinent charts and graphs in your narrative but do not fill your document with pictures, charts, and graphs. 3. Research paper shall have the following format: White Paper (8.5” x 11”) Times New Roman Font
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