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Jean Maurice Rakotoarimanana Review Question Chapter1 1-What is the difference between a threat agent and a threat? Threat: An object, person, or other entity that represents a constant danger to an asset. Threat Agent: A specific instance or component that represents a danger to an organization's assets. 2-What is the difference between vulnerability and a threat? Vulnerability is a weakness or a fault within the system, such as software package flaws, unlocked doors, or an unprotected system port. Vulnerability leaves things open to an attack or damage. Exposure on the other hand, is a single instance when the system is open to damage. Vulnerabilities (weaknesses) can in turn be the cause of exposure (system open for attack). 3-How has the definition of “hack” evolved over the last 30 years? The new meaning is from computer- science- it means to circumvent the security of a computer system. Sometimes it means to write crude but working code- similar to the meaning it has in tennis where mediocre players are called hackers . 4-What type of security was dominant in the early years of computing? Information security was dominant in the early years of computing. 5-What are three components of the C.I.A. triangle? What are they used for? Confidentiality, integrity, and availability. They have been the industry standard for computer security since the development of the mainframe. 6-If the C.I.A. triangle is incomplete, why is it so commonly used in security? Because it is the industry standard and is still used today because it’s three characteristics; confidentiality, integrity, and availability are still just as important in today's society. 7-Describe the critical characteristics of information. How are they used in the
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Review question ch1 - Jean Maurice Rakotoarimanana Review...

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