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Chapter 9 Solution Keep-it-Hot Inc. manufactures popular thermoses. On June 30, the company expects to have 700 thermoses in inventory. Each thermos sells for $8.00. The company’s policy is to maintain a thermos inventory equal to 10% of next month’s sales. The company expects the following sales activity for July through November of this year: July ---------------- 7,000 units August ------------ 10,000 units September -------- 15,000 units October ----------- 9,000 units November -------- 12,000 units PROBLEM I : Prepare a sales budget for the third quarter of the year (July – Sept) showing the total dollar amount of sales. A total column is not necessary. July August September Estimated sales (units) 7,000 10,000 15,000 x Sales price per unit x $8.00 x $8.00 x $8.00 Total Budgeted Sales ($) $56,000 $80,000 $120,000 PROBLEM II: Prepare a production budget for the third quarter of the year. The third quarter months are shaded in gray. ( Note
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Chapter_9_Assignment_Solution - Chapter 9 Solution...

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