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Philosophy 262 Spring, 2012 J. Levin Paper Topic #2 Suppose that Rush Limbaugh and Hillary Clinton undergo an operation in which the parts of their brains that support specific memories (but only those) are switched. As the person with Hillary Clinton’s body begins to awaken from the operation, the doctor says to the attendant on duty, “That was the most difficult operation I’ve ever performed, but I’m happy to report that
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Unformatted text preview: Hillary has survived, andpointing to the bedyoull be talking to her soon. Does what the doctor said correctly describe the facts? What would Locke, Sacks, and Williams sayand why? What is your own view of the situation, and why? Papers should be 4-5 pages long. They are due Sunday 3/25, by 5PM. Late papers will be docked 1/3 grade for each day late....
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