all lectures - soc 17/01/2012: Utility is in my opinion the...

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Unformatted text preview: soc 17/01/2012: Utility is in my opinion the test of value in matters of invention, and that a discovery which can be applied to no use, or is not good for sthg is good for nothing-benjamine frankline. y do we need fake feet that is similar to natural foot ? to get rid of the difference every 1 should be the same Assignment: choose technology describe it: be clair of what it is and waht it does use detail waht is the context in which produced? when from ? production describe the place of the technology ( new vs. evolution of product). make the distinction bwn new and evolving technology? new tech . evolutionary product is being fixed who are the users? describe, get info form product magazine,stats canada , is it predominatly used by men,women, kids, edlers? waht is wrong with it? describe in detail describe the changes you would make Does this change the desired user group? 7 pages-double spaced, need source. Technology can be knowledge and technique. Technological artifacts and knowledge Emerges as expressions of social forces. Personal needs, technical limits, markets, political considerations. Meanings and designs are flexible: change it according to our needs, for example: use books as door stopper. Language and printing press: Shift from oral to print culture: when has knowledge stored in head u can forget. wat happens if knowledge put on paper? it becomes official, taken as absolute truth so have credibility and authority. We change it according to our needs but there has to be an agreement. europe ( like things on paper) vs first nation(oral culture till 1700 don put things on paper). u wanna know wat is being done tha is y u put on paper. u can create a written language to know wat is goin on. so u got shift of creating written language. So press helps u create a written language. Communication between govts: if u don put it on paper ppl can change if u put on paper there is understanding. Agreements can be changed if not on paper bt if on paper there will be a common understanding of what it is, what u want. Spiritual dimension: when u put religious tenants on paper wat happens? Easier to redistribute and remember, loss of literal meaning (when u write an email it is hard to convey the tone of voice.) interpretation becomes hard Create and reinforce new social and political hierarchies. How? Interpretation of wat is written, enforcing law is hard but when u put it on paper the looseness disappears. Law based on social norm, have the ideas of killing is not ok enforcing of which becomes difficult, when put on paper u can change the meaning of the law. Easy to prove things, what passed down from generation to generation. Culture has shifted to print culture, we give things a language a form when put on paper....
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all lectures - soc 17/01/2012: Utility is in my opinion the...

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