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Chem 227 – Fall 2010 Homework 1 Part 1: visit your professor in his office by the end of the week Part 2, C1: Basic Spreadsheet Operations Due Tuesday, September 7 Objective: This exercise will introduce you to basic spreadsheet operations to perform multi-step calculations. Instructions: Import (x,y) data for a buret calibration from the file lstsqrs.csv in the homework data section of the class website into a spread sheet. Square each x-value and each y-value, and also find the product of x and y for each data point. Next, find the sum and averages of each of these columns of numbers (x, y, x 2 , y 2 , and xy). Lastly, have the spreadsheet count the number of entries in each set. Format the sheet to look nice and include appropriate column labels (e.g., x, y, x 2 , y 2 , sum x, …). You may check your results, as you work, against the key posted under Course Materials in the course Blackboard site. In your workbook, include a sheet that shows the formulas used for your spreadsheet
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