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Chem 227 – Fall 2009 C3: Linear Regression Due Tuesday, September 15 Objective: This exercise is designed to help you understand the calculations used to perform a linear regression (often called least-squares fitting) to determine the line that best fits a set of data points, and the statistics describing the fit. You should also learn how to create a plot like the ones you will submit for your lab reports. Instructions: Use the same data for a buret calibration that you used for Homework C1. These data are in the file lstsqrs.csv in the homework data section of the class website. Translate the equations for least squares in your text book into spreadsheet form, and perform a linear regression to find the best straight line, y = mx + b, to fit the data. Calculate the slope, m, and intercept, b, as well as the standard deviation about the regression, s y . Also find the standard deviations for m and b, s m and s b . Format the cells that contain these results so that they have the appropriate numbers of significant figures. Plot the original data along with the corresponding best-fit calculated y values for each
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