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C05-t_test - Chem 227F 2010 C5 The t-Test Due Tuesday...

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Chem 227–F 2010 C5: The t-Test Due Tuesday, October 5 Objective: Learn to use the t-test to compare the means of two data sets. You will use two files for this assignment. One is called t_table.csv and the other is called compare_means.csv . The first file contains Table 4-2 from the textbook in comma separated values format. The second contains two columns of numbers. Load both files into your spreadsheet. Calculate the mean and standard deviation for both columns of data in the compare_means.csv file. Next, determine the highest confidence interval for which the means of the two columns of data statistically disagree with each other. (This is just what you will need to do for Lab 3 in testing for drift in your voltage measurements.) This will require that you calculate s pooled and t calculated , and then compare your t calculated value with the t-table. You may, if you wish, take on the challenge of programming your spreadsheet to automatically determine the highest CL for disagreement of the values.
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