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C06-model_titn - Chem 227F 2010 C6 Titration Curve for KHP...

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Chem 227–F 2010 C6: Titration Curve for KHP Objective: Model a titration of a weak acid with a strong base. You will learn about the assumptions inherent in the calculations and also about the effects these assumptions have on how well the experiment can be modeled. You will learn how to attempt to refine the model to improve agreement with experiment. Part A Due Tuesday, October 19 Develop a spreadsheet program to calculate the change of pH with volume of base added for the theoretical titration of an acid with a strong base. Calculate the titration curve for the titration of KHP with NaOH described below, and graph your results. For your Lab 4 report you will do this model calculation for one of your own KHP titrations, and then compare this model curve with your experiment results. Thus, it will be advantageous to write a flexible spreadsheet that will allow you to get new results simply by entering initial volumes and formal concentrations.
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