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Chem 227–Fall 2010 C8: Solving Simultaneous Equations Due Tuesday, November 2 Objective: Learn how to use a spreadsheet to perform matrix multiplication and inversion, and also how to solve systems of linear equations that are over-determined. You will use two of these methods to calculate the concentrations and the uncertainties in those concentrations for the four components of your unknown solution in Lab 5. First, work through the matrix and regression analysis problems in the section Examples Using Excel of the handout Spreadsheet Solutions to Systems of Linear Equations to ensure that you are doing the calculations correctly, but do not turn in your results from this section. Now utilize these same formulas to determine concentrations of components in a mixture from a set of absorbance data in the file absorbance.csv in the homework data section of the course website: A) Use Cramer’s rule and the function MDETERM to calculate the concentration of Cr, using k
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Unformatted text preview: and absorbance values for the first 4 wavelengths listed in the file absorbance.csv . B) Utilize matrix inversion to calculate the concentrations of Ni, Co, Cr and Cu, using the k and absorbance data for wavelengths 2-5 in the file absorbance.csv . C) Use least squares on k and absorbance values for all 8 wavelengths in the file to calculate concentrations and standard deviations in concentration for Ni, Co, Cr and Cu. Submit the following: 1. A printed copy of the spreadsheet you used to calculate the answers to parts A, B and C. Your results from part C will include standard deviations as well as concentrations; format these numbers to show the appropriate number of significant figures. 2. A printout of the formulas used in your calculations for parts A, B and C. Be sure to format your spreadsheet such that the formulas are shown in their entirety....
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