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Chem 227 Helps and Hints for Homework Assignment #9 Making a baseline correction is easy to picture but harder to program. The baseline can be established by picking a couple of regions on either side of a peak (or group of peaks) and performing a least squares fit through them to get an equation describing the baseline. To do this, however, you must copy the data points for the two regions to a section of a spreadsheet where they can be listed sequentially as a single array. If you use the slope and intercept functions instead of linest , you won = t need to worry about blank spaces, but you will still need to input both regions as a single array. Then it is a simple matter in a spread sheet to subtract a calculated baseline value from each data point across the peak (y corr,i = y i ! [m base x i + b base ]). What about picking the region to integrate over? Take as an example the two overlapping peaks in the figure below. Even though these two peaks strongly overlap, we can
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