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Portfolio_Essay - Chem 227Fall 2010 Portfolio Essay...

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Chem 227—Fall 2010 Portfolio Essay Assignment As part of our efforts to meet the University’s goals for learning outcomes assessment, the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry has students create a portfolio representing their work from their second year to graduation. As outlined below, you will submit various items for your portfolio as you progress in the major and complete it in your final semester in Chem 495. This process is intended to not impose a large burden on you but still produce a portfolio that will be valuable to both you and the department. You will learn more about the portfolio in later classes, but for now what is needed is a thoughtful essay about your educational goals. Please give serious thought to the essay. If you complete it conscientiously, you will receive full points—it will not be otherwise graded. The essay is being collected in Chem 227 and Chem 351M, but you need only write one essay—if
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