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Study03_F10 - Practice Exercises and Problems in Harris...

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Chem 227 Study Guide #3 Fall 2010 Calendar for Monday (9/20) < in Harris study Chapter 15, section 3 Chapter 16, sections 1–3 Chapter 11, section 5 for Wednesday (9/22) < recommended but not required reading Harris Appendix 3 * Lecture & Reading Quiz 2 * Homework C4 * Section 1: bring your reading journals to lab for Thursday (9/23) * Section 2: bring your reading journals to lab Study Questions and Practice Problems
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Unformatted text preview: Practice Exercises and Problems in Harris 16-A, 16-D a 16-1 a corresponds to 16-E in 6 th edition Supplemental Practice Problems S12 - Suppose the datum in doubt in problem 4-22 had failed the Q-test. What are the pitfalls in using the Q-test to reject data? What other considerations should be applied before a datum is rejected?...
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