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Chem 227 Study Guide #10 Fall 2010 Calendar for Monday (11/08) < in Harris study Chapter 5, section 4 in lab Tuesday (11/09) for Section 2 or Wednesday (11/11) for Section 1 * Independent Project selection due by the end of lab for Wednesday (11/10) < in Harris study Chapter 0 Chapter 5, sections 1,2 Study Questions and Practice Problems Practice Exercises and Problems in Harris 0-5 5-3 a , 5-6 b , 5-7 a a no corresponding problem in the 6
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Unformatted text preview: th edition b corresponds to problem 29-13 in the 6 th edition Supplemental Practice Problems and Questions S22 - Read the introduction to problem 5-15 (in 6 th ed., 29-7), then outline what experiments you think would be necessary to validate the method for determination of EDTA in blood. After you have done this, read parts a B c. What was the purpose of each of the experiments described?...
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