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Chem 227 Study Guide #12 Fall 2010 Calendar Monday (11/22) < in Harris review Chapter 4, section 8 Chapter 5, section 3 Tuesday (11/23) Friday class schedule—no class for 227 * Lab 6 Report Wednesday (11/24) Thanksgiving Break [Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow …] Monday (11/29) < in Harris read Chapter 26 (optional, but recommended) Wednesday (12/01) * Lecture & Reading Quiz 6 Thursday–Monday (12/02–06) * EXAM II in Testing Center—2 hour time-limit
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Unformatted text preview: Wednesday (12/08) * Homework C11 Study Questions and Practice Problems Supplemental Practice Problems and Questions S25 - a) Why do a trumpet and violin, each playing the same note (for example, concert A), sound different? b) What kind of functions (or signals) can Fourier analysis be applied to? For example, can a single light pulse or a square electrical wave be analyzed by Fourier principles?...
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