Exam II study guide, Winter 2011

Exam II study guide, Winter 2011 - Geology 112 - Exam II...

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Geology 112 - Exam II Study Guide, Winter 2011 Covers Chapters 8-13 plus Science-Religion readings General : 1. The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions. 2. Go over the “Chapter Summaries”, “Important Terms” and “Review Questions” at the end of each chapter. There will be one question from each of the Review Question sections on the exam. 3. Review “bold” type paragraph headings in the textbook. Make sure you understand the basics covered under each heading. 4. Review figures, pictures and their captions. 5. Study your class notes and look over the lectures posted under Blackboard Exam 2 folder SCIENCE AND RELIGION: ON-LINE READINGS 1. Be able to explain the Church’s official stand on evolution and who is authorized to issue such statements. 2. Know the nature of Man and his relationship to god – in terms of spirit vs body 3. Understand the general feeling of the Church toward science based on the number of scientists produced. 4. Be able to explain why some church members are adamantly opposed to evolution and an age of billions of years for the earth, while others believe that that is a reflection of how god works. 5. Be able to propose possible explanations for 1) why most churches perceive materialism as anti- god whereas 2) the LDS church could be considered the most materialistic of all religions. 6. Know who stated that most religions limit the realm of their god, and that there is a need for a religion with a great god – one that would have created countless worlds over vast stretches of the universe. Chapters 8-9 – Precambrian geology and life
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Exam II study guide, Winter 2011 - Geology 112 - Exam II...

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