Final Exam study guide, Winter 2011, Geol 112

Final Exam study guide, Winter 2011, Geol 112 - Geology 112...

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Geology 112 Final Exam Study Guide General : 1. The exam covers chapters 14-19 plus the Spanish Fork Canyon field trip. It consists of 75 multiple choice or matching questions – 50 from the last 1/3 of the course and 25 from the previous two- thirds of the course. . 2. Go over the “Chapter Summaries”, “Important Terms” and “Review Questions” at the end of each chapter. There will be one question from each of the Review Question sections on the exam. 3. Review “bold” type paragraph headings in the textbook. Make sure you understand the basics covered under each heading. 4. Review textbook figures, pictures and their captions. 5. Study your class notes and the lectures posted under Blackboard Exam III (Final) folder 6. Review Spanish Fork Canyon field trip notes. Chapters Chapter 14 – Mesozoic Geology. Distinctive structure, igneous activity (or lack thereof), and timing of the Nevadan, Sevier, and Laramide orogenies. Anatomy of an orogenic belt (features as seen in cross section or plan view). When they occurred and the unique signatures of each. Components of a foreland basin and the two primary causes of downwarping. Primary and secondary sea level fluctuations – causes. Mesozoic NA cratonic sequences – when? Cretaceous Interior Seaway. Breakup of Pangaea – timing and what was the result. Significance of rift valleys, what they represent, rocks found therein. Timing . Climate and how it was affected by breakup of Pangaea. What are allocthonous/or suspect/terrains? What role do they play in the buildup of North America? What constitutes a terrain boundary? How do terrains differ from one another? What is the cause of the right lateral faults that characterize the outboard margins of North America from
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Final Exam study guide, Winter 2011, Geol 112 - Geology 112...

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