Geology 112 Syllabus, Winter 2011

Geology 112 Syllabus, Winter 2011 - Geology 112 Historical...

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Geology 112 Historical Geology Winter 2011 C O U R S E S Y L L A B U S Ver. 1.3 18 Jan 2011 Instructor – Dr. Brooks Britt Teaching Assistant – Kat Robertson Office: S-387 ESC Office: C-371 ESC Office Hours: 10-11 MWF Office Hours: 11-11:50 Mon, 1:30 Tues Phone: 801.422.7316 Phone: 336.589.8600 E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] Lecture Hours: 9-9:50 MWF Classroom: C-285 ESC Text: Historical Geology, 6 th Lab Hours: Sec1: 1-2:50, Sec 2: 3-4:50 Monroe ISBN-13:978-0-495-56007-4 Lab Location: N-131 ESC Lab Manual: Interpreting Earth History 7 th ed., When contacting the Instructor or TA via e-mail be sure to include your name and course number. Course Content Geology 112 is an introduction for Geological Science majors to the history of Earth and its life. These histories are unraveled and put into order utilizing principles of stratigraphy, structure, and paleontology. It covers essential concepts and methods that allow geologists and paleontologists to recognize and interpret events that transpired in Earth’s deep past. The study of geology and fossils allows scientists to decipher records of ancient environments which 1) provide information on climate change through time and how organisms adapt to new environments and 2) aide in the search for essential resources such as metals, building materials, and fossil/nuclear fuels. This course, along with Geology 111, serves as a foundation for geology courses such as Field Studies, Stratigraphy/Sedimentology, Structure, Paleontology, and more. Course Objectives Upon successful completion of this course students will: Know the geologic time scale and how to place events into a temporal framework using fossils, lithostratigraphy, and absolute dating techniques. Be able to identify sedimentary rocks, stratigraphic relationships, fossils, and facies and use them to recognize depositional environments and sequences. Understand core concepts of organic evolution, its evidences, the phylogenetic history of selected clades, and how life changed Earth. Know the North American sequence stratigraphic packages and orogenies. Understand how plate tectonics has impacted the lithosphere and life through time. Have developed basic scientific inquiry skills, plus oral and written communication techniques through a group presentation and individual short reports and term papers. Be able to read geologic maps. Understanding the nature and relationships of science and religion.
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Know what courses are required for geology degrees, be able to schedule courses for a timely graduation, and understand the basics of how to get into graduate school or work force. Requirements
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Geology 112 Syllabus, Winter 2011 - Geology 112 Historical...

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