Writing assignments guide, Geology 112, Winter 2011

Writing assignments guide, Geology 112, Winter 2011 -...

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Geology 112 Winter 2011 Writing Assignments Guide Ver. 1.0 19 Jan 2011 Student’s Summary You will submit two original, well-written, informative, five-page term papers - each worth 85 points. Due dates are listed in the course schedule. Keys generating a successful paper are 1) following the guidelines in this document, 2) timely submissions and meetings with your Writing Fellow, and 3) understanding the grading rubric. Hyperlinks This document is best used on your computer to provide access to the hyperlinks (shown in blue, underlined strings. Purpose Professional success, regardless of major or field of employment, depends to a large degree on the ability to communicate effectively. The two term papers in this class provide an opportunity to (1) develop your basic literature research skills, and (2) hone your writing skills. The first paper focuses on a geologic topic chosen from a list. It will introduce you to geologic literature and provide an opportunity to learn, in some depth, about the topic. The second paper provides an opportunity to read about, ponder, and expound on the nature and relationships between science and religion. This paper will be included in your departmental portfolio and should be polished and expanded prior to the review of the portfolio your senior year. Topics for first term paper A list of topics for the first term paper is posted as a separate file under “Writing Assignments” in Blackboard. You can choose a topic from the list or pick your own that relates to a lecture, reading, or field trip topic that piques your interest. If you come up with your own topic, email it to me for approval. It is crucial that you pick a topic that is narrow enough to be covered in five pages. For example, “dinosaur hearing” as opposed to “dinosaurs”. Writing Resources Excellent writing tips are available at the BYU Writing Center . Helpful documents on how to write and organize the paper are presented in “ A Brief Guide to Writing at BYU ” by Beth Hedengren. Be sure to use their help with punctuation and grammar . Would you like some one-on-one tutoring with your papers? Then schedule a session online or visit BYU’s Writing Center in B106 JFSB. Printed writing guides are available at the BYU library. Your TA or Professor are also helpful resources. Your Writing Fellow should be one of your key resources (see next paragraph). Writing Fellows A Writing Fellow will be assigned to you early in the semester. A Writing Fellow (WF) is a student trained in tutoring and evaluation. The WF will provide valuable input that will help improve your Term Papers. The Writing Fellows program is explained at the following website ( Writing Fellows Process ). Basically, the Writing Fellows (WF) read your good drafts and send you a page of comments regarding your writing style, then they meet with you for 15 minutes to discuss your paper. Failure to meet with the WF results in the loss of five points from your paper’s score. The written comments they provide you are imbedded as notes or
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Writing assignments guide, Geology 112, Winter 2011 -...

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