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Humanities 101 Midterm #1 Study Guide Preface: Text objective Plato: on music Wm. J. Bennett: crisis of our time Holistic education Multiple intelligences Faulkner: humanism, role of the arts Chapter 1: The Humanities: what are they? why study them? what can they do for us? Humanitas Trivium, Quadrivium Liberal arts education Liberal arts, fine arts 6 fields of study Cultural literacy Canon The List Western tradition Adler: specialization vs. generalization Purpose of college Chapter 2: Can a Humanist Get to Heaven? Why study the Humanities? Digger Phelps Humanities as a bridge Science vs. the Humanities Darwin Athenians (characteristics) Visigoths (characteristics) Chapter 3: Human duality Augustine Nietzsche Mantic - characteristics (right brain) Sophic - characteristics (left brain) Jesus Christ Socrates Socratic Method Midwife Socratic values 1
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Humanities 101 Midterm #1 Study Guide
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Unformatted text preview: Greco-Roman, Judeo-Christian Within & Without When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer Chapter 4: John Ruskin: 3 books Creativity Film: Why Man Creates Gardner: description of a creative person 3 ingredients of creativity stew Steps of the creative process Creativity & leadership Chapter 5: Framing Aesthetic Aesthetic stance The abundant life Aesthetic experience Three Days to See “Willing suspension of disbelief” Aesthetic distance Chapter 6: Critic Americans and the arts Willing suspension of disbelief Common critical pitfalls Progressive exclusion/floating scale of expectation 6 questions of critics Chapter 7: Writing about the arts Freewriting The writing loop Sophic/mantic split 3 kinds of writing Metaphor Purpose, audience, style 2...
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101_study_guide__1 - Greco-Roman Judeo-Christian Within&...

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