201 final study term wo Roland

201 final study term wo Roland - 1 STUDY GUIDE FOR...

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STUDY GUIDE FOR HUMANITIES 201 FINAL EXAM: Chapter 6: Factors in the growth and persecution of Christianity gospel basilica edict of Milan Paul the apostle Early Christian music Constantine Early Christian symbols and art Early Christian architecture Gospel of Matthew: Sermon on the Mount central teachings of Jesus Christ’s role in Hebrew law and history Matthew’s audience inner vs. outer passage identification Confessions: St. Augustine Augustine role of the will views on: evil; man; fiction; sin; desire; things of the world pear-tree episode garden conversion Monica passage identification Chapter 7: Augustine’s contributions to the development of Christianity Byzantium/Constantinople Constantine Justinian Theodora Hagia Sophia pendentive Ravenna mosaic tesserae 1
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central plan basilica plan Chapter 9: renascence monasticism St. Benedict Pope Gregory monophonic Gregorian chant/plainsong syllabic, neumatic, melismatic tropes neums illuminated manuscript chastity, poverty, obedience, stability Christianity - role in Middle Ages label architectural parts on Blackboard handout Romanesque: characteristics Church Militant feudalism: characteristics, reasons for rise of; positions Crusades Charlemagne: contributions Alcuin Chapter 10 Paris as the center St. Denis Abbot Suger Gothic: characteristics scholasticism
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201 final study term wo Roland - 1 STUDY GUIDE FOR...

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