212 Exam _1 Study Guide

212 Exam _1 Study Guide - Rel. 212 Study Guide for Exam #1...

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Rel. 212 Study Guide for Exam #1 I have provided the following as an aid for your study. It is not intended to be exhaustive, but representative. The best study guide you can have is to take detailed notes in class. Exams will be extremely difficult for students who only take a few notes for each class. People: Know the relationship of the following people to the Apostles, the Church, and/or epistles:, Agabus, Agrippa I, Ananias1, Ananias2, Apollos, Aquilla, Barnabus, Cornelius, Demetrius, Elymas, Gallio, Gamaliel, James (bro. of Jesus), James (bro. of John), John Mark (not John the Apostle), John, Lydia, Matthias, Philip, Priscilla, Sapphira, Sergius Paulus, Silas, Simon (a sorcerer), Simon (a tanner), Sosthenes, Stephen, Theophilus, Timothy, Titus. Terms: Be able to define the following terms: Apostasy, Epicureans God-fearer, Judaizer, the Law, Mysteries, Parousia, Pentecost, Proselyte, Sanhedrin, Stoicks. Geography: 1. Know the route of Paul’s first missionary journey. Be able to identify all of the major places he visited on a map. 2. Where were the disciples first called Christians? 3. Where did Saul’s name change to Paul? 4. Know the location of Thessalonica, where the Saints received Paul’s earliest epistle. According to information in Acts and 1 Thessalonians, where was Paul when he sent the letter? On Blackboard I have posted two maps: one with the names of all of the cities in the ancient Mediterranean that you will need to know, and one without the names of the cities. I will use the latter map on the exams. History:
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212 Exam _1 Study Guide - Rel. 212 Study Guide for Exam #1...

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