Darwinism Recitation Paper Week 12

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Andra Stanley April 11th, 2006 Recitation Tuesday, 3:00-3:50 Paper #12: DAR 542-549, 572-574, 574-576 The Scopes trial took place in Rhea County, Tennessee in 1925. John Thomas Scopes was charged with unlawfully teaching a certain theory that denied the story of the divine creation of man (as taught in the Bible) that said that man was a descendent of lower animals. He did so in a public school that was funded by tax dollars. The defense said that the law which Mr. Scopes violates was unconstitutional and breeched Article 3, Section I of the state constitution which stated that “ no preference shall ever be given, by law to any religious establishment or mode of worship.” Mr. Malone argued that teaching (in a public school) any theory based on any version of the Bible was an invasion of the rights of the citizen because it imposes a religious opinion. The prosecution argued that evolution did not explain how life began or the riddles of the universe. Evolution also logically eliminates the miracles found in the Old
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