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TEST REVIEW: RELIGION 121 - EXAM ONE Winter Semester - 2011 Directions: Please use this review sheet as a guide to assist you in your preparation for the mid-term exam. The exam will be seventy multiple-choice questions. You may use your scriptures, but you will not be allowed to use your class notes. 1. Names and dates of major groups crossing from the old world to the new: Jaredites, Mulekites, and Nephites. Religious and political settings of Lehi and family: Zedekiah, Jeremiah, etc. 2. “Reformed Egyptian,” Lehi's daughters, similarities between Lehi and Joseph Smith, murmuring, contents of Brass plates, Oath making, journey in the wilderness: Book of Mormon geography. 3. Genealogy of Leh. Basic symbolism of Lehi's and Nephi's visions of the Tree of Life. Purposes of the Book of Mormon (expose the enemies of Christ, etc.). Questions concerning the general story-line. 4. Contents of Small plates & Large plates. Definitions of "House of Israel" and "Gentile." Nephi as a personal witness of Christ. "Condescension" (1 N. 11:16). Priesthood Keys (1 N. 12:9).
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