idioms 3 - Lasciarsi scappare un segreto My Better Half...

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If You Want Something Done, Do It Yourself: If you want something done properly, do it alone Chi fa da sè, fa per tre It's A Small World:  You frequently see the same people in different places. Com’è piccolo il mondo Keep your chin up:  To remain joyful in a tough situation. Stare su con la vita Knock On Wood:  Knuckle tapping on wood in order to avoid some bad luck. Toccare ferro Last but not least:  An introduction phrase to let the audience know that the last person mentioned is no  less important than those introduced before him/her.  Ultimo ma non per questo meno importante Let The Cat Out Of The Bag:  To share a secret that wasn't supposed to be shared.
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Unformatted text preview: Lasciarsi scappare un segreto My Better Half: Partner La mia propria meta Out Of The Blue: Something that suddenly and unexpectedly occurs. Di punto in bianco Out On The Town: To enjoy yourself by going out. Andare a fare baldoria Over My Dead Body: When you absolutely will not allow something to happen. Piuttosto la morte! Pig Out : To eat alot and eat it quickly. Rimpinzarsi Pot Calling The Kettle Black : Hypocrite Il bue che dice cornuto all'asino Put A Sock In It: To tell noisy person or a group to be quiet. Tapparsi la bocca...
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idioms 3 - Lasciarsi scappare un segreto My Better Half...

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