Intro - repeatedly during sleep. TRUE 11. Clear evidence...

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Goals of psychology: 1. Describe the phenomenon -Understand them -Build theories 2. Predict 3. Control behavior Test "Psych" IQ: 1. Jet lag is worse from NY to HI than from HI to NY. TRUE Circadian rhythms. Shortening sleep time is more disrupting than gaining. 2. Hypnosis is valuable in helping witnesses recall details of a crime. FALSE 3. World's more popular drug is alcohol. FALSE Caffeine 4. People use only 10% of their brain's capacity FALSE FALSE 6. Few people can use their mind to influence, for example, how dice will fall FALSE 7. If two things correlate highly, this does not prove that one causes the other. TRUE 8. Hypnosis can reduce the pain of surgery or childbirth. TRUE 9. Mentally ill or retarded people are no more likely to be violent than normal people TRUE 10. Research shows no significant learning occurs when information is given
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Unformatted text preview: repeatedly during sleep. TRUE 11. Clear evidence shows that small percentage of people can receive thoughts of others or predict the future. FALSE 12. Through hypnosis, some people remember things from the first six months of their life. FALSE 13. All people dream during a normal night of sleep TRUE 14. As # of bystanders inc, the time it takes the victim to get help dec. FALSE Bystader effect, more people, longer it takes to get help 15. Older adults tend to express less satisfaction with life than younger adults FALSE 16. Eyewitness testimonies are often unreliable TRUE 17. Children with high IQ's tent to be less physical than their peers FALSE 18. When it comes to close personal relationships, opposites attract FALSE 19. The majority of teenagers have good relationships with their parents TRUE...
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Intro - repeatedly during sleep. TRUE 11. Clear evidence...

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