Brief History and Perspectives

Brief History and Perspectives - they heard footsteps...

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Brief History and Perspectives: Psychology initially treated as philosophical ie: Plato: We are slaves to our senses Eventually applied to scientific methods Three main pillars of psychology: 1. Freud & Psychoanalysis: ie: Oedipus Complex (male fighting for affection of mother) Electra Complex (same but for girls) Freudian slip (saying something you didn't want to say, window into unconsciousness) Dealt with early childhood development/experience Major focus on consciousness and unconsciousness Role of unconsciousness: Sexual motives Aggresive Conflict between things: ie: primitive desires vs what is socially acceptable Gives a negative view of people 2. Watson and Behaviorism: ie: Pavlov's tests (dogs paired footsteps with getting fed, so drooled whenever
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Unformatted text preview: they heard footsteps) against Freudism Need to focus on things observable, overt behavior Watson is founder Skinner followed Watson Relied on animal models Laws of learning 3. Carl Rogers and Humanism: Humanistic perspective Against Freud Thought Freud treated people to be negative Humans are good, overall Humans are not driven by one single motive Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs Humans are motivated by several things Need basics ie: food, water, shelter Once you achieve these basic things, Self actualization Humans are driven by what they want to do Puts a more positive spin on humans...
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Brief History and Perspectives - they heard footsteps...

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