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1 2005 chen corp grants five executives jan options

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Unformatted text preview: Allocating Compensation Expense Allocating Compensation Expense Compensation Expense iis determined at the s measurement date using option pricing model using and is allocated over the service period the service • The service period is the period benefited by employee’s service employee’s • It is usually the period between the grant date and the vesting date and Accounting for CSOP­Example Accounting for CSOP­Example • Jan., 1, 2005. Chen Corp. grants five executives Jan., options to purchase 10,000 shares, options • Vesting/service period=2 yrs. • The options will expire in 10 years • Exercise price=$60 per share • The current market price for the share is $70 per The share. share. • Assume the total fair value of the option is $220,000 Assume at the grant date, Accounting for CSOP­Example Accounting for CSOP­Example At grant date, Jan. 1. , 2005 : no entry required. On Dec. 31, 2005 & Dec 31, 2006: Compensation Expense 110,000*** Compensation Contributed Surplus—Stock Options 110,000 *** 110,000=220,000/2 If 2,000 options (20% ) were exercised on June 1, 2008. Cash 120,000* Cash Contributed Surplus—Stock Options 44,000** Common Shares 164,000 * 120,000=2,000* $60 $60 ** 44,000= 20% *220,000 20% *220,000 Accounting for CSOP­Example Accounting for CSOP­Example Assume the remaining opt...
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