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IAD 10: INTRODUCTION TO INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT WINTER, 2010: CHEM 166 Instructor: Jack Knettle Office Hours: Thursdays, 4-6 PM, 2314 Hart Hall [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Rusha Latif [email protected] TA Office Hour: IAD 10 is designed to introduce concepts and practices relating to international agricultural development. This General Education course emphasizes writing and student participation. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to evaluate trends and options of agricultural development schemes, as well as to imagine personal involvement in future international development projects during their professional lives. Grading 20% Discussion Section 25% Term Paper 25% Midterm 30% Final Course Requirements and Assignments A.1. Discussion section participation (10% of final grade) and discussion papers (10% of final grade): Attendance and participation in discussion sections is required. No section meetings during the first week. 2. Discussion Section Papers a. There will be six (6) one-page papers due on the day of your section. b. Papers will be limited to one page, 12-sized font, 1.5 line-spaced, hard copies to be handed in during the section meeting. One-half page should be sufficient, provided that the student has organized major points upon a central theme or direction of development, with clear, concise, and skillful writing. Concentrate on concise quality; the TA is not required to accept or read papers that are either late or greater than one page in length. Furthermore, the instructor STRONGLY REQUESTS that the paper be carefully proofread before turning in to the TA, preferably by some third party, and checked for cohesion, substance, grammar, and clarity. c. The assignment is to discuss the readings and lectures of the week. This paper should be a personal reflection and not a recap summary of the reading. d. Section papers will be considered for credit for the discussion section, along with attendance and contributions to discussion. e. At the end of the Quarter, each student will select three (3) of the papers to edit, perhaps link to each other, and submit for a grade. The three papers combined are not to exceed three pages (10% of final grade, averaged across all three). g. No papers are due in Weeks 1, 5, 9, and 10.
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B. Papers: 1) One brief term paper (4 pages, 1.5 spacing, 12 point font) (25% of final grade). Hard copy is due Tuesday March 2 at beginning of lecture. This will deal with topics in the lectures and the readings. Specific questions will be handed out prior to the due date. 2) Selected and edited discussion papers hard copies are due at the beginning of lecture
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IAD 10-Lectures- UC Davis - IAD 10: INTRODUCTION TO...

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