lecture+2+origins+of+agric+and+agrarian+soc-1 - THE ORIGINS...

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THE ORIGINS OF AGRICULTURE AND AGRARIAN SOCIETY Review of Previous Discussion Defining international development is not so easy. 1 st : ID condition of a place targeted for development—usually a political identity State goals for change Form a plan Take action Development is recognized and measured by degree of progress towards that goal Evidenced by several common forms Greater monetary wealth of nations or rising GDP—CHINA!!! Rise of middle class and social mobility Higher education among members of the society—especially literacy Improved infrastructure Urbanization But these ACHIEVEMENTS ARE CHALLENGED by charges of: Cultural imperialism Loss of rural social structure and traditions Enhanced inequity among citizens Alienation and social disruption Environmental degradation Let’s keep in mind as we proceed through the course that: Regardless of political position, most see the need to couple IAD with: environmental sustainability Social justice The face of IAD is constantly evolving Evans presents the mutual influences between
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lecture+2+origins+of+agric+and+agrarian+soc-1 - THE ORIGINS...

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