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Lecture 6: Peace Corps and the Development Agent in the Field Rural Community Development The Agent Working with Multiple Organizations Introduction Imagine yourself as IAD agent: Psychological awareness Entry level Possibilities and pitfalls Before Peace Corps: The Green Berets in Vietnam In the early 1960s, the Viet Cong made incursions into the highlands of Western Vietnam Recognized threat that the highlands could be used as bases from which to operate against the highly populated areas of Vietnam Once guerrillas became established, counter-insurgency would be extremely difficult Rugged Terrain Isolated Tribal peoples, collectively referred to as Montagnards, were estranged from the South Vietnamese government Various ethnicities Mutual animosities between Montagnards and Vietnamese Disrespected by the Vietnamese and government Special Forces of the United States and South Vietnam were created to win the support of mountain people through community development Medical Clinics Protection against the Viet Cong Local political reform Agricultural Projects The Green Berets Perhaps 12000 in Vietnam at height of involvement Community development agents as well as highly effective soldiers
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lecture_6_peace_corps - Lecture 6 Peace Corps and the...

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