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LabVIEW Tutorial 6_7_8 - LabVIEW Tutorial 7 Assignment 1...

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Name: Hang Kit Suen UID:703-833-811 MAE 162D LabVIEW Tutorial 6: Assignment 1 Short Answer: 1). Communicate data between two parallel loop structure 2). First, Right-click the Loop Conditional Terminal and select Create»Control to create Boolean Stop Control; then right-click the Stop Boolean control and select Create»Local Variable Or within the block diagram, right-click to open the Functions palette and navigate to Structures»Local Variable/ Global Variable 3). In any location of a single VI 4). A race condition is when the execution timing or order of a program unintentionally affects an output or data value. The condition occur when two loops increment the same variable in each iteration; in order to prevent the race condition, using a semaphore in the VI and enclosed the while loop that including the critical sections of code.
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Unformatted text preview: LabVIEW Tutorial 7: Assignment 1 Short Answer: 1). Usually in a case structure in the while loop 2). 3). Start: No money inserted 5 cents 10 cents 15 cents 20 cents Done 25 cents There are six states and eight possible paths from each state 4). The synchronous mode is designed to describe the behavior of a controller with different states that react to a set of I/O inputs that are updated at a constant rate; the asynchronous mode is designed to address applications with external events from an application. The synchronous mode is applicable to embedded control systems such as engine control units (ECUs), motion controllers, and environmental controllers. But the asynchronous mode is useful to program human machine interfaces (HMIs) and model event-based systems and algorithms....
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LabVIEW Tutorial 6_7_8 - LabVIEW Tutorial 7 Assignment 1...

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