IR Spectroscopy Details of Interest

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IR Spectroscopy Details of Interest 1. Alkanes a. Pretty boring landscape throughout b. Sharp C-H stretch just below 3000 down to around 2850 or so c. Notable C-H scissoring at 1470 and methyl rock 1383 2. Alkenes a. =C-H Stretch 3100-3000 (not necessarily strong) b. C=C stretch 1680-1640 c. Similar to Alkanes except for subtle C=C and =C-H stretches (MAKE SURE TO DISTINGUISH) 3. Alkynes a. –CtripleC-H stretch notable 3330-3270 (Only this in TERMINAL ALKYNES) b. –CtripleC— stretch 2260-2100 (both TERMINAL & INTERNAL ALKYNES) 4. Aromatic Molecules a. ***Overtones 2000-1665 (weak bands) b. =C-H stretch 3100-3000 (similar to Alkenes in not necessarily being strong)
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Unformatted text preview: c. ***Oop bands 900-675 d. DISTINGUISH FROM ALKENES BY OVERTONES & OOP BANDS 5. Aldehydes a. 2830-2650 (?? Around there) C-H stretches differentiating from ketone b. Obvious C=O stretch 1640-1750 (??something around there) 6. Ketones a. Same as Aldehydes mostly, except for 2850-2650 (?) stretch 7. Esters a. C-O stretches 1300-1000 b. Similar to Aldehydes and ketones with relative location of C=O stretch c. C-H stretch is too high to be aldehyde or ketone 8. Amine a. Primary – 2 N-H stretches (peaks) 3300-3500 b. Secondary – 1 N-H stretch c. Tertiary – no N-H stretches...
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