BP-Lecture Notes on 9-21-07

BP-Lecture Notes on 9-21-07 - finance, sales, production)...

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I. Traditional Form of business -Departmentalization Managers have 4 responsibilities 1. Planning 2. Organizing 3. Leading 4. Controlling Organizing i. Division of Labor: Determine work or dividing taks ii. iii. Delegation: Assigning authorities/responsibilities Formal Organization – Authority, objectives, rigid means of control, connected departments with heads of departments(human resources, financial, material, info resources) Informal Organization – Diffused authority, free flowing means of control, flat organization 1. Functional – Organization by functions of a business (management, marketing,
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Unformatted text preview: finance, sales, production) 2. Product Organized by product sold a. Legal services departmentalized by real estate law, divorce law, defense attorneys 3. Process Organized by the manufacturing process (assembly lines, car assembly) 4. Customer Organized by customers each department targets 5. Geographic Organized by location a. International Trade agreements, imports/exports b. Transnational Workers and managers in foreign nation are from foreign nation because they know their own country better c. Multinational All decisions handled by headquarters...
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BP-Lecture Notes on 9-21-07 - finance, sales, production)...

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