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KRISTENs cookies discussion S06 - KRISTENS COOKIE...

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KRISTEN’S COOKIE COMPANY—OBSERVATIONS (rev. 9-13-10) The following is a summary of key points for each question. First, the flow chart. 1. As noted in the class room lecture, the term “order” is a bit misleading in that an order could be for any quantity of cookies (from one dozen to multiple dozens). So, when trying to understand the capacity of a process, it is important to define that capacity, and the demands made on that capacity, in terms of how of the goods/services are produced. In this case, production is by the dozen. The total task time for an order of one dozen cookies is 26 minutes. Generally, most people come up with this number or something very close. Every dozen produced will go through all of these steps. If an order called for two dozen cookies, then the total time from the start of the first dozen until the second dozen was completed would be 36 minutes (26 minutes for the first dozen with the second dozen being completed 10 minutes later—the cycle time of the bottleneck and, therefore, of the process). 2. This question is usually the most troublesome. In order to properly understand it, you must understand the difference between throughput time and cycle time (which is something that I emphasized during the Lego block simulation because the term cycle time has two quite different meanings—for this course, we will use cycle time to mean the time between the completion of successive units of output and throughput time to mean the time it takes a single unit of output to go through a process from beginning to end). If we assume that each order is for one dozen cookies, then it was demonstrated that we can make 22-23 dozen cookies within exactly four hours (mathematically, 22.4). This assumes that we have at least two cookie trays (which is a reasonable assumption since the case states that you and your room mate own “cookie trays”, plural). If we limit ourselves to a maximum of four hours of operating time, we get the following: Wash and mix 6 min/batch (1-3 dozen per batch) Spoon onto tray 2 min/tray (1 doz/tray) Load oven/set timer 1 min/tray bake—9 min/tray total: 10 min/tray Cool 5 min/tray Pack 2 min/tray Payment 1 min/order
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4 hours=240 minutes. It takes 26 minutes to complete the first dozen (including 1 minute for order payment—since you are processing a food product, you are not going to leave anything in process from one night to the next). Thus: 240-26=214 minutes remaining.
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KRISTENs cookies discussion S06 - KRISTENS COOKIE...

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