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MIS 301Review Exam 1

MIS 301Review Exam 1 - (order does not matter use...

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- The 2 standard deviation rule: at least 75% of all the values will always fall within 2 s.d of the mean - The 3 standard deviation rule: At least 88.9% of all the values will always fall within 3 s.d of the mean. (this mean that no more than 11.1% of the values will ever fall father than 3 s.d from the mean) Ishikawa diagram also know FishBone also known as cause and affect diagram. PDCA- DMAIC- Pareto Charts- easiest way to determine Possibility= how many = permutation (order matter) (use permutation/NPR) or combination
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Unformatted text preview: (order does not matter) use combination/npr • T/F questions, don’t use permutation or combination it USE SQUARE ex: 2^15 • Pie chart nominal data- can’t distinguish • Histogram for continuous data • Mesokurtic- stand for middle. When gamma 2 = 0 • Platykurtic- “plate” flat gamma 2 smaller than • Lepto- “leap” gamma bigger than 0- The addition rule of probability is used to find: the union of 2 or more events...
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