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1. which of the following measurement is most influenced by extreme cases? MEAN 2. About which measure of central tendency are the sum of the deviations always equal to zero? MEAN 3. Measure by percentile point? MEDIAN 4. MODE: associated with nominal level data/ measure of central tendency occur most often/ highest point on a freq. distribution graph 5. Correct statement about trimmed means: The amount to trim is arbitrary / we trim the same amount from the bottom of the list as we do from the top / when trim include decimal, we round to the nearest whole # / the revised mean will be closer to the median than the original mean 6. When working w/ continuous data, which of the following is correct? THE RANGE IS BASED ON THE DIFFERENCE BTW THE REAL LOWER LIMIT OF THE SMALLEST VALUE AND THE REAL UPPER LIMIT OF THE LARGEST VALUE 7. Which of the following is a measure of variability based on the absolute deviation about the mean? MEAN DEVIATION
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