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Operating Systems Darts is a sporting goods company with outlets in most of the western states. This company has a network of 273 computers consisting of the following hardware: Eight Windows Server 2003 R2 servers Two Linux servers running Red Hat Linux Enterprise 20 computers running Mac OS X version 10.4 Tiger 32 computers running Windows XP 126 computers running Windows Vista 95 computers running Windows 7 Darts realizes that with the projected growth of their company, they need to upgrade the computers and servers on their network. In one paragraph for each question, complete the questions below using complete sentences 1. The Accounting Department has all of the Windows XP computers. The accounting director wants to upgrade to Windows 7. What are the advantages of upgrading for this department in terms of the enhanced operating system functions that are available in Windows 7? What are some possible disadvantages? Some advantages for the accounting department to upgrade to windows 7 are: Direct Access which enhance
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