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Quatrain – stanza with 4 lines. Often rhymes. Synaesthesia – blend of sense-impression ‘loud’ color or ‘smooth’ sound. Lyric – short poem expressing personal mood. Songlike quality to poem. Palimpsest – a manuscript written on a surface from which an ealier text has been partly or wholly erased. Literary work with more than one layer of meaning. Pastiche – literary work with elements from other people. Lack of originality, or an ode to another writer. Sibilance – marked reoccurence of the ‘hissing’ sounds known as sibilants. (s, sh, zh, c) AKA sigmatism. Periphrasis - roundabout way of referring to something without directly saying it. Has more
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Unformatted text preview: poetic emphasis. Passed away instead of died. Persona – the assumed identity or fictional ‘I’. Refrain – line or group of lines repeated regularly or irregularly. Usually at end of stanzas. Can be exactly the same or with slight variations. Scansion – analysis of poetic metre in verse lines. Marking unstressed and stressed syllables. Syllabic Verse – lines measured in syllables, not number of stresses. Portmanteau – a word made from two different words. Breakfast + lunch = brunch....
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