Final Review Part 2

Final Review Part 2 - James Housefield / UC Davis / Design...

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James Housefield / UC Davis / Design Program [email protected] / DES 1 > INTRO TO DESIGN > FALL SESSION 2009 > FINAL EXAM REVIEW COVERAGE Final exam is comprehensive. There will be a minor emphasis on material since the midterm. Review the flashcards from the midterm. Films and guest lectures throughout the quarter will be included on the exam. PLEASE NOTE: Thanks to a generous student there is a review from the midterm posted to smartsite. The review sheet in your hands now covers only material since the midterm exam. DES 1 > INTRO TO DESIGN > FALL SESSION 2009 > FINAL CLASSES REVIEWED (REVERSE CHRONOLOGY) 12/2/09: DESIGN IN SOCIETY + INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Ethics& Liability Hazards, Biohazards, Toxicity EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Superfund Clean-up Sites listed by the NPL (National Priorities List) "Naturalization" - what occurs when we habituate to something (especially something unthinkable), so that it seems to be an acceptable part of normal life. The unacceptable becomes acceptable through naturalization. Designer & artists' responses to a toxic culture? Culture jamming. Culture jam : "disrupting" society's messages with the tools of design. Example: using the tools and techniques of consumer culture against consumerism. *The Yes Men. (Creators of the "Halliburton" Survivaball tm ...and more. ..) "Pro bono" : Latin, from "Pro bono publico," "for the common good" - work done without compensation. Takes many forms, but offers many opportunities. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY *Shepard Fairey *Obey Obey image for Obama What arguments have been leveled against Shepard Fairey and his designs? What evidence supports or refutes these arguments? What do you think? Define plagiarism (and know how to spell it).
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DES001 - FINAL EXAM REVIEW - DR. HOUSEFIELD 2 Why is plagiarism a bad thing? What aspects of contemporary culture do not seem to think plagiarism is bad? Copyright and anti-piracy laws
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Final Review Part 2 - James Housefield / UC Davis / Design...

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