Final Review Part 1

Final Review Part 1 - 1 Design 001 Fall 2009 - Midterm...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Design 001 Fall 2009 - Midterm Review (made by a student; includes many terms from Lauer's Design Basics ) Not fully reviewed by Dr. Housefield Names o Kostas Terzidis Etymology of Design, o signare (Latin) to mark or to sign, o schedon (Greek) nearly, almost, approximately. Once had but have no longer, look into past. o Jeunet Director of Amelie o Charles & Ray Eames Design Q & A , working with constraints, design is made of history & people, nature is the ultimate designer o McCloud Understanding Comics , connects with gestalt, making sense of the world: perception, thought & action. Visual literacy, Design Process: Idea / Purpose Form Idiom (type of communication process more important that product) Structure Craft (quality) Surface (skin, appearance) o Magritte The Treason of Images , 1928-29, word & image juxtaposed o Ferdinand de Saussure Semiotics (study of signs), signifier (mental concept) & signified (material aspect) relationship of concept & image, they are inseparable but closely tied together. o C.S. Peirce Semiotics, making meaning of marks: Icon pictorial, readily understood (picture of an eye) Index direct physical relationship (fingerprint) Symbol Distanced from original object (a cross) o Cy Twombly Mark making, uses signs & letters, no pattern o Lynd Ward Illustrator, woodcut artist, Frankenstein , storyteller without the use of words - see McCloud o Will Eisner comic book artist, his books coined the term "sequential art" o Development of language and visual communication historically mixed o Pictogram (Dog) + Ideogram ( No sign) together = No dog sign o Andy Goldsworthy finds inspiration outside of himself: works with nature, makes ephemeral art o Jackson Pollock painter, composition artist , it is what it is o Lisa Hoke paper cups - array of colors in an installation. Hoke rhymes with Coke (cups!!) o Tara Donovan plastic cup cloud, huge cube made of toothpicks o IDEO Bay Area design group which uses design thinking Field research Understanding Problem Idea Prototype (1 st test or model) Feedback Repeat o Tom Friedman - makes self portraits & art with everyday materials: aspirin, laundry detergent, toothpaste & construction-paper crime scene o Karl Aspelund The Design Process 1. Inspiration 2. Identification 3. Conceptualization 4. Exploration & Refinement 5. Definition & Modeling 6. Communication 7. Production 2 o Goethe In 1787 painting Portrait of Goethe by Tischbein; quote: Feeling is All, Romanticism, aesthetics & writing & Gestalt, subjective nature of perception [Snuggie!] o Rodin The Thinker , parts speak for the whole o Yazoo (Yaz) Music group, gestalt Dalmatian album cover designed by the band o Christine Gambito Happy Slip , example of social media o Jastrow Psychologist & friend of Peirce, 1899, duck vs. rabbit, gestalt o Wittgenstein philosophical explorations of language, duck vs. rabbit, gestalt Wittgenstein philosophical explorations of language, duck vs....
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Final Review Part 1 - 1 Design 001 Fall 2009 - Midterm...

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