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Unformatted text preview: Exam I Key Correc.on #16 – In the original exam key four products (I ­IV below) were indicated as the Products B Cl Cl Cl Cl I II III IV Structure III and IV are equivalent, so only three products are actually formed. The Regrade policy and procedure is on the next slide: Exam I Key Correc.on #16 – only three products for second step, not four Regrade Policy – 1.  If you indicated the correct three products and lost one point for not showing four – you will receive 1 point. Please submit your full exam and aOached regrade request indica.ng that you meet this condi.on. 2.  If you showed four products – there will be no change to your grade. 3.  If you showed only one or two products – there will be no change to your grade – so there is no need to submit your test for a regrade. Regrade Requests are due Friday, February 4th by 2pm ...
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